The band “Ne Spitsa” released album “The Diving”

Russian Dream-Rock band “Ne Spitsya” presented to public the debut album “The Diving”. The album was written at studio “Legion 600”, mixing and mastering – Marcel Vetrov. The music and lyrics are created by Elena Chesnokova.

“We are delighted to present the result of our work,” – the band commented on the upcoming release. – “This album is made for romantic and delicate natures. It is filled with deep lyrics, light and some kind of mysterious melodies and Russian motives. As always, our goal is to immerse the listener into the world of the deepest and the most intimate feelings that are impossible to experience in everyday life. Open the hidden doors of your soul. Your guide will be “Ne Spitsya”.

  1. Supernova
  2. The Day Burns Silently
  3. A Bird
  4. Home
  5. To Explode
  6. On The Edge Of The Earth
  7. I’m With You
  8. My Voice
  9. Bird’s Shadow
  10. A Dream
  11. The Diving