Mortal Strike

After their formation in Winter 2009/2010, the five battlejacket-warriors never missed a chance to cut one’s teeth in energetic liveshows where it is common for stoutly thrasher: at the crowd.

By winning the “W:O:A Metal Battle Austria 2011” and performing at the worlds greatest Metal Festival: “WACKEN OPEN AIR”, the band gained a high profile. Liveshows with giants of the scene like Warbringer, Darkness, Tankard and Destruction followed, as well as festivalslots at the “Black & Thrash Inferno” or the “Kaltenback Open Air” did, which were nescessary for the experience, the improvement of the sound and last but not least to define the own crowd. From Austria to the Rhein-Main Region, from the Ruhrpott to Finland…the lime green tank was rolling and gathered the metalheads.

Famous beyond the borders of Vienna, the long-awaited album followed in fall 2014.

After a very successful session in the studio 2014, the thrash-command MORTAL STRIKE is back. Furious and aggressive like ever before, the five destroyers finally banned their tanksound on their debut-album. The title is law and, unsurprisingly, FOR THE LOUD AND THE AGGRESSIVE. With this disc in their bag, the five will attack the stages of the world even more tremendous with titles like “MG 42” or “Strike !!!”.

Matthias Gerstl: Vocals
Christian “Chrir” Nielsen: Guitar
Christoph “Etzi” Etzmannsdorfer: Guitar
Max Scheiber: Drums
Dominique Heine: Bass