Nytt Land – Hávamál’2015

nytt land
Based on years of musical experience, a deep study of musical traditions and culture of Scandinavia, on the border of archaic and modern technology, we have created a project “Nytt Land”.

Magic of the Nordic music captivates you from the first sounds and doesn’t let go. It is unique and beautiful in its sound. It lives the Spirit of the North, the ancient, epic North. “Nytt Land’s” music – is, first and foremost, a northern folk, which strongly emphasized ritual side. Nestled between ethnic ambient and folk ritual, this music is made uncomplicated, but very cleverly. It is worth saying that the musicians were chosen direction, very little research on the Russian stage, and, as they say, to pass them along the way there is still a lot.


Natalya Pahalenko (harpa, vocal, jew’s-harp)

Anatoly Pahalenko (tagelharpa, fiddle, flutes, litvin’s duda, jew’s-harp, frame-drum, samples)

Sergey Silitcky (jew’s-harp, overune flute, tambourine)