Be Under Arms – EP “Locked and Bound”

Be Under Arms-Locked And Bound-en
A Russian metal-band BE UNDER ARMS presented their new EP “Locked and Bound”.

The tape was recorded at a BUA Records home studio, drum recording by KIV Records, mixing and mastering made with Empire Studios assistance. Cover by Maxim Kobzev (Birdfall).

  1. Locked And Bound
  2. Burn For This
  3. Not My War

Due to the appearance of a new guitarist our music changed in some way and we hope you’ll like it! – musicians say. – There’s so much happening in the world today, and all that influences everything, including music. Listen, think, open your eyes, because…

…It’s an epoch of blood and power… When you have a key to the world you think you’re almighty, but it’s just an illusion. Tick-tack, tick-tack. The mechanism is already started. C’mon, open the door. They are waiting for you.

BE UNDER ARMS is a bullet whistle by your head… it’s a trigger clock behind your can… a lone stranger, crossing an endless wasteland. It’s a history of the world, which started pacing. And so far we can stop that…

BE UNDER ARMS is a blasting mix of Groove, Nu Metal and Alternative, created in Moscow city.

The band’s main conception is a peculiar atmosphere of old western movies combined with steampunk and a modern urbanized world.

Melodics and consistency are mixed and intertwined with hurricane rhythms and heavy riffs. Male and female vocals supplement each other and take us away to prairies burnt by anger, there all you may have is a pistol handle.

  • Vladimir «Szandor» Nasonov — vocals
  • Anna «White queen» Logacheva — vocals
  • Andrey Kuznetsov — guitars
  • Viktor Gostemilov — guitars
  • Dmitriy Kashirin — bass
  • Denis «John Doe» Vinicky — drums


  • Way of the bullet[single 2013]
  • Panem Et Circenses[single 2013]
  • Let Shots Will Be Your Music [Album 2014]
  • Locked and Bound [EP 2015]