Mary King – “Prezumpcija nevinovnosti” – New Album

“Prezumpcija nevinovnosti” (Presumption of Innocence) is a debut album in post-hardcore / metalcore style of a Belarusian band Mary King. The release contains 9 tracks.

“It’s the most powerful album in terms of sound and significance. The band aimed the following: to create melodic music, filled with catchy refrains and pushy extreme vocals with symphonic elements – and the aim is reached!” — a Russian web-zine VARG MEDIA wrote. – “As for lyrics, you can say that they are pervasive, touching eternal themes of good and evil, people’s subjective perception of the world, searching for truth. The album was made in conditions of strong emotional shock which affected music. Listening to the album you fell some kind of electricity on your body – either because of pleasure or deed meaning of songs, which penetrates the soul.”

  1. Licom k licu
  2. Materialist
  3. Vse psy popadajut v raj
  4. Pojushhie v ternovnike
  5. Znaesh’
  6. Vertikal’nyj predel
  7. Ja vsjo eshhjo zdes’
  8. Ibo nas mnogo
  9. Stokgol’mskij sindrom

Mary King are young guys from Belarus which created a band in 2010. For 5 years the musicians changed the staff, style and mission of music several times. Today it’s a powerful band playing Post-hardcore and Metalcore.
A new vocalist Alexey Overchenko helped the guys to find themselves. It was back in 2012 that two new singles «Purpurnye reki» and «Pravilo Mirandy» were born. Starting from spring 2012 till spring 2013 a new material had been created, the staff and conception changed. The band’s bad luck in 2014 makes it to change the title and start from scratch. But despite all that the band releases «Prezumpcija nevinovnosti» album in 2015. Not long ago from now the band started working with a European PR-label “GlobMetal Promotions”.

“GlobMetal Promotions” is a new horizon of our evolution which is of course good for us”, — the band leader Evgeny Burko commented on cooperation.

Location: Borisov (Belarus)
Discography: «Prezumpcija nevinovnosti»


Vocals: Alex Overchenko
Guitar: Alexander Smorgachev
Guitar: Alexander Lazerko
Bass: Eugeny Burko
Drums: Denis Jakubowski