Nota Amara – ЕР «Mediocrity»

EP “Mediocrity” is the second creation in the group’s discography, online the CD release took place in April. Tracking, mixing and mastering by Dmitry Taranov (Narwhal Tusk), Studio “Bass-Bochka”, Rostov-on-don.

EP “Mediocrity” has become the most consistent and powerful sound. Work on the nuances of sound was given close attention. Were used new tools and process to make each track special.The composition of the EP includes 4 tracks that have been carefully selected from the musicians. The recording is clear and well-coordinated process in which every single detail.The band’s music was painted in bright in EP “Mediocrity” and is a dynamic mix of metal, jazz, avant-garde moves, seasoned with Oriental motifs and soulful female vocals and all this at breakneck pace of changing the clock size. All the tracks are conceptually united lyric wise, and also with the overall material unity, performance quality and implementation of creative musical decisions So, “Mediocrity” tells about the Universe, about science, about the complex world around and human role in it.