Just after their 3rd album (Spinefarm) release Wolfheart’s frontman Tuomas Saukkonen announces a new deal:

“What a great day! Today Wolfheart has been signed to Continental Concerts and I can´t think of any better partner for us. We´ve been watching their work behind our native heroes Amorphis, Ensiferum and Insomnium for years and of course their efforts for all of their artists have been impressive! This is a great step for Wolfheart for sure!!”

One distinctive feature of the project is the deep, noticeable woman voice, another – lyrics in Russian. During the last year and a half the musicians concentrated on studio work, and finally prepared an unusual and multidimensional album “Line” for their audience (presented to the public at December 2014). Currently Sapphire Phoenix works on studio recordings of covers for more or less known songs, as well as on preparation of live performances.

White Sound is a rock band from Belgorod, working on the edge of such styles as alternative, light metal, pop-rock and hard-rock. The musicians have performed at “Maxidrom” and “Invasion” festivals, as well as on many stages throughout the CIS.

EP “Mediocrity” has become the most consistent and powerful sound. Work on the nuances of sound was given close attention. Were used new tools and process to make each track special.The composition of the EP includes 4 tracks that have been carefully selected from the musicians.

My Gwendeline is a young Volgodonsk metalcore formation known by its strong covers of Enter Shikari, A Day to Remember, Stigmata and Asking Alexandria. Nowadays the musicians focus on their self-made material and gigs.

Magic of the Nordic music captivates you from the first sounds and doesn’t let go. It is unique and beautiful in its sound. It lives the Spirit of the North, the ancient, epic North. “Nytt Land’s” music – is, first and foremost, a northern folk, which strongly emphasized ritual side.

After their formation in Winter 2009/2010, the five battlejacket-warriors never missed a chance to cut one’s teeth in energetic liveshows where it is common for stoutly thrasher: at the crowd.

After a very successful session in the studio 2014, the thrash-command MORTAL STRIKE is back. Furious and aggressive like ever before, the five destroyers finally banned their tanksound on their debut-album.

…It’s an epoch of blood and power… When you have a key to the world you think you’re almighty, but it’s just an illusion. Tick-tack, tick-tack. The mechanism is already started. C’mon, open the door. They are waiting for you.